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Reflections From
a Business Coach

This book covers the logistics of coaching small business owners. The focus is exclusively on career change for those individuals who desire to start their own businesses.
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Retirement Is For Sissies
This book provides a holistic approach to retirement that prepares one for this most important transition from work to recreation, leisure, home business, and other lifestyle changes.
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The Virtual Writing Coach
Just imagine it...a woman sitting on a park bench reading your book! Coaching offers writers a hands-on approach to help you create, evaluate, and complete your manuscript.
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The Virtual Executive Coach
Executive Coaching offers business owners and budding entrepreneurs a hands-on approach to help create, sell, manage and grow a business. Learn More...

The Reunion | A. Keith Barton | Writer / Author of Mysteries Detective Thrillers Suspense Action Books | Keith Barton Houston Texas, Keith Barton books

The Reunion

Texas football, Vietnam, and mega mergers serve as a backdrop for Jack Conners who becomes disillusioned with football and is instantly immersed in the atrocities and loneliness of war. This historical fictional piece follows Jack's career from college to a horrific tour in Vietnam, law school, corporate law, and finally returning to his roots in South Texas.

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Book Reviews

Barton Veers from Thrillers
A Reader | on Amazon.com May 6, 2001

This latest book by A. Keith Barton represents a departure from his usual thrillers. Primarily it is a coming of age story focused on Jack Conners' life from 1963-1990. Conners comes home from Viet Nam traumatized by the atrocities of war and by his own horrific injuries. It is also a love story - between Jack and his high school sweetheart. Poignant and tragic, The Reunion tugs at your heart strings.