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Reflections From
a Business Coach

This book covers the logistics of coaching small business owners. The focus is exclusively on career change for those individuals who desire to start their own businesses.
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Retirement Is For Sissies
This book provides a holistic approach to retirement that prepares one for this most important transition from work to recreation, leisure, home business, and other lifestyle changes.
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The Virtual Writing Coach
Just imagine it...a woman sitting on a park bench reading your book! Coaching offers writers a hands-on approach to help you create, evaluate, and complete your manuscript.
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The Virtual Executive Coach
Executive Coaching offers business owners and budding entrepreneurs a hands-on approach to help create, sell, manage and grow a business. Learn More...

Retirement is for Sissies | A. Keith Barton | Writer / Author of Mysteries Detective Thrillers Suspense Action Books | Keith Barton Houston Texas, Keith Barton books

Retirement Is For Sissies:
Or How I Survived My Job

You've got the 401k, the back porch overlooking a pond stocked with bass, the grandkids, the wife, sunrises and sunsets, so what do you do now?

Retirement conjures up various emotions and thoughts for the Boomers of today. We were born in an age of prosperity between 1946 and 1961 and have witnessed and participated in many changes that have affected our families, careers, friendships, and spirituality.

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Book Reviews

Delightful and Insightful
Dr. Randy Birken | on Amazon.com August 5, 2007

Dr. Keith Barton's delightfully insightful book, Retirement is For Sissies, or How I Survived My Job, is a must read for baby boomers, a generation of Americans given great opportunities for education, enlightenment, and introspection. With retirement as a reality or contemplation, those born between 1946 and 1961 must make hard decisions, whether to live on their assets or remain productive within a social-economic society filled with new possibilities. Using his intuitive psychological background, Dr. Barton challenges traditional perceptions about retirement, and encourages a new attitude and philosophy to "become stewards of our time, talents, and resources and impart by example a legacy of selflessness and philanthropy."

Blending humor with perspicacity, Dr. Barton tackles topics with terse yet sprightly chapter titles such as "Maturity is not Mediocrity," Leap Before Your Creep," Don't Quit and Sit," and "I'm Not Old, I'm Bold." A boomer himself, Dr. Barton doesn't criticize those who get off the train of life to earn their "place in the sun," but encourages those to stay onboard "until the last whistle blows." A great read for a great generation.