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Reflections From
a Business Coach

This book covers the logistics of coaching small business owners. The focus is exclusively on career change for those individuals who desire to start their own businesses.
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Retirement Is For Sissies
This book provides a holistic approach to retirement that prepares one for this most important transition from work to recreation, leisure, home business, and other lifestyle changes.
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The Virtual Writing Coach
Just imagine it...a woman sitting on a park bench reading your book! Coaching offers writers a hands-on approach to help you create, evaluate, and complete your manuscript.
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The Virtual Executive Coach
Executive Coaching offers business owners and budding entrepreneurs a hands-on approach to help create, sell, manage and grow a business. Learn More...

Night Moves | A. Keith Barton | Writer / Author of Mysteries Detective Thrillers Suspense Action Books | Keith Barton Houston Texas, Keith Barton books

Night Moves

Dr. Brandon Cowley finds himself immersed in a conspiracy to defraud the federal government billions of dollars in a research protocol designed to put the majority of vascular surgeons out of business. Brandon uncovers a plot to murder his patients to report favorable results and thus make the FDA's case for the new procedure.

The FBI is called in to investigate the unexplained deaths, that eventually leads to a syndicate boss in California. A parallel plot involves Mexico's intent to steal American biotechnology to create a financial empire for Louis Luchini, an international crime boss, by corrupting the American medical community and the FDA.

The reader moves quickly from the Nation's Capitol to San Diego, Austin, and La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur.

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Book Reviews

Another Great Mystery by Mr. Barton
A reader | on Amazon.com December 3, 2001

As a temporarily displaced Texan I appreciate & enjoy the familiar Texas locations used by Mr. Barton in this book. The book is a multi-plotted thriller that involves the medical industry, US government agencies, as well as having plenty of international intrigue. My only objection to the book is it makes me more aware of one more possible form of terrorism that could be used against us. This time it's being done by the people we depend on for our own personal medical well-being. It' a good easy read that I highly recommend to others who like mysteries.