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Reflections From
a Business Coach

This book covers the logistics of coaching small business owners. The focus is exclusively on career change for those individuals who desire to start their own businesses.
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Retirement Is For Sissies
This book provides a holistic approach to retirement that prepares one for this most important transition from work to recreation, leisure, home business, and other lifestyle changes.
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The Virtual Writing Coach
Just imagine it...a woman sitting on a park bench reading your book! Coaching offers writers a hands-on approach to help you create, evaluate, and complete your manuscript.
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The Virtual Executive Coach
Executive Coaching offers business owners and budding entrepreneurs a hands-on approach to help create, sell, manage and grow a business. Learn More...


The Virtual Executive Coach

You'd be smiling too, if you had an executive business coach to help you run your business optimally!
Executive Coaching offers business owners and budding entrepreneurs a hands-on approach to help create, sell, manage and grow a business. Whether you have an existing business or simply a great idea, my goal is to help you transform your vision into a successful business venture.

Recognizing the Power of Change.
Developing and running a business is exciting when the business is growing and your creative juices are flowing. But like all new behaviors, your creativity and production will ebb and flow. Sustained change becomes difficult unless you are prepared to accept the structure and discipline of running your own business. My 30 years of experience with business clients has given me the insight to recognize resistance to change and the anxiety created when changes are contemplated. Read more about the benefits of Executive Coaching.

My professional pledge.
What I can offer you, the business owner, is a personal and confidential relationship that focuses on your goals, not mine. I want you to be successful in your business. I promise to be honest with you and demand accountability to allow you to achieve your goals. I pledge to be an active listener, remain intuitive, curious, and help you identify any constraints that might be holding you back from developing your business plan, selling your idea to banks and private investors, or growing the business. While I cannot guarantee you a successful business venture, I can help you unleash the potential for transforming your vision, by instilling accountability structures that monitor marketing, financing, staffing, and networking to grow and manage your business.

We'll cover everything you need to know.
Some of the topics we will surely discuss include: writing a business plan, forecasting receivables and start-up expenses, researching viable markets, networking, choosing a business type, hiring staff, running an office, keeping up with governmental regulations and tax laws, handling employee benefits, making retirement plans, borrowing against equity, remaining private vs. going public (IPOs), managing difficult employees, dealing with due diligence and mergers, to name a few.

Try it out for free - receive a 30-minute consultation now.
Email me for your free 30-minute, confidential session to discuss your ideas for a new business venture or how to transform your existing business to tap into new markets. Don't delay; this could be the most important call you make this year.

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